Why Is It Important to Care About Mental Health?

March 16, 2017 | Articles | By Edgar | 0 Comments

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Nowadays, some young people may think only about their physical health and illnesses. They visit doctors and get vaccination regularly. Sure, it is essential for everybody who studies at college and may have some illnesses, as we have mentioned in our previous article.

However, students ignore their mental health at the same time. They find that it is less important and that there is no need to waste their time with a psychologist. It might regularly result in low grades at college, disability to concentrate and sometimes even the conscious wish to drop out.

Of course, our team understand the importance of mental health for students and want to explain it to you. Remember that young people encounter thousands of challenges on campus, and they definitely need support.

The research has proved that almost 80% of students feel overwhelmed by their duties. It means that they are likely to get some mental illnesses which demand professional treatment. Here you can find some of the main points about students’ mental health and well-being, which are essential for everyone to know.

Poorer Grades

Many students start receiving worse grades and fail their exams because of different mental problems. Usually, they do not understand the reason why it happens and just decide to dedicate more time to learning. Unfortunately, the general situation may get even worse. Some smart and creative young people may suffer from bad grades only because they cannot concentrate their attention on the material. It often happens because of their anxiety, for example.

Conflicts with People Around

People Arguing

Depression or another mental disease can make you angry with everyone around you. It leads to conflicts with friends, teachers and family members. Sure, this is a very unpleasant experience. Sometimes, a long-lasting relationship is ruined because of anger, caused by a mental illness. It is no wonder that people usually fight against depression on their own. Their friends just turn away from them.

Which Diseases Are the Most Dangerous?

There are a plenty of mental illnesses which young people get because of heavy workload at college, conflicts with professors or violence on campus.


When a young person ignores the signs of mental illnesses, such as depression, he or she will probably get a more serious form of it. So, it is important to be able to recognize this disease among dozens of others. Sometimes, there is nothing behind your bad mood. However, if it lasts for weeks, you need to think over your routine and well-being. Maybe, you have already gotten a depression and do not realize this.

Changes in appetite, loss of interest in life, feeling of anger and the absence of sleep are the major symptoms of this disease. It is essential to accept that you are depressed and start a therapy as fast as possible. It is better to ask a specialist for help and do not use any pills without a prescription.


Do you usually feel nervousness or stress while studying? Anxiety is a common thing for a modern young person. Some students do not even pay attention to it and do not consider it a disease. However, the symptoms speak for themselves: headaches, pain in muscles, abnormal heartbeat, the feeling of fear and so on. This is not as minor as people usually think. Anxiety demands a specific therapy as well. As a rule, it does not cost much and average students can afford it.


Person Smoking Cigarette

College years are the period of partying. They start entertaining themselves in different ways. Some of students get influenced by their older friends and become addicted to tobacco, alcohol or drugs. All these things are widespread at college parties, and it may appear to be truly hard to resist them.

Young people sometimes acquire one of these bad habits as a result of the lack of success in their private life or study. They find that it is a kind of tranquilizer, which can help them to cope with troubles. However, these students fall into the trap of addiction in this way.

So, being aware of all possible mental diseases and ways of preventing them is essential for college students who are always busy and have heavy workload. You should remember our tips and hints on treating these illnesses and staying mentally healthy. We hope that you understand the importance of caring about your well-being, and that you will not ignore serious symptoms.


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