Example of an Essay on Typical Student’s Health Problems

March 30, 2017 | Articles | By Edgar | 0 Comments

Students Are Ill

After entering a college, first-year students usually do not think about possible health problems. They find that it is not necessary to fill your head with these issues at young age. So, they do not care about their own well-being at all. Certainly, it has lots of negative consequences for them. Ignoring the demands of your own body is always the cause for dozens of diseases.

Teenagers do not expect to see so many bad diagnoses after their regular physical examination. It surprises and disappoints them at the same time. Why does it happen?

The main reason is that they do not pay attention to their health and well-being. Despite the fact that most of these students are very intelligent people, they still do not understand how important it is to care about their own health.

Good Mood

If a young person is heathy and does not suffer from any aches, she or he is in a good mood. It means that a student may improve their attitude to the world and make it more positive. In addition, it is a good chance to start living a fulfilling life without diseases and medicine. Smiling and kind people are more attractive than those who are always complaining and crying because of their health problems. Moreover, it helps to cure any illness. For example, you should not be down when you caught a cold. It can happen with all of us. The best cure is to stay positive and see the good things around you.

Better Grades

Good health and well-being greatly improve your productivity at college. It means you can solve tasks faster and make fewer mistakes. The professors will notice your success and give you better grades for your works.

Keep in mind that some mental illnesses, which are not treated on time, may influence your intellectual abilities. It will be harder to concentrate your attention on certain material and work efficiently at classes.

Improve Relationships

Being a positive and healthy person gives you a possibility to improve relationships with other people. Sometimes, such mental illnesses as anxiety or different types of addiction may ruin people’s good attitude to you. A depressed student starts shouting at their friends, hurts their family members and as a result, there are no close people by their side.

Sure, there is nothing good in such a situation, as everyone needs support while studying or working. In case you are healthy and care about your well-being, you will attract people who will support you. But you will hardly be able to do this if you suffer from one of the mental diseases.

Nice Appearance

Attractive appearance and good body shape are the dream of many teenagers who are amazed by celebrities’ photos. Of course, such a good result demands a lot of time and efforts. However, the first thing you have to do is not to get a new dress/suit or a fashionable lipstick/watch.

It is essential to check your health. Sometimes, malfunctions of your organism may be the reason of acne, overweight and other faults, which make you ill favored. Young people’s bodies are full of harmful substances. Smoking, eating fast food and drinking alcohol destruct your charm and natural beauty. Just visit a doctor, and after several weeks of recovering, you will see the first great results.

More Opportunities

Regular Physical Examination

People who care about their health conditions have more life opportunities than those who rarely check up their health at hospital. Teenagers are full of energy; they are initiative and motivated to do any kind of work. As a result, more opportunities are opened up in front of them. These young people have a chance to and build strong relationships while studying at college and get a better job, which can help them in the future.

Young people must pay attention to their health and consider even the symptoms of a cold. If they do so, their mind and soul will be in a good condition as well. Everything in the human body is connected, so it is essential not to put any priorities in this case.

Do not forget about the regular medical check-up. Usually, most of the colleges and schools provide it year. However, if you feel bad, do not wait until it becomes a serious problem. You should visit a doctor and prevent the development of your illness. This is the most important rule to stay healthy both physically and mentally.



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