Disadvantages of Getting a Degree in Medicine

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In the previous article, we presented some useful strategies for getting excellent marks at the medical college. Now, it is time for you to know about some disadvantages of a degree in medicine and reasons why you should think well before entering such a college. Of course, most of the young people know that the profession of a doctor is respected and appreciated by everyone. Moreover, they expect to earn big money while working in a private clinic. Unfortunately, these teenagers usually forget that the profession of a medical worker may have some great disadvantages as well and is not as easy as it seems to be. It means that students have to be prepared for all possible difficulties. Our team presented some of them below.


It is true that both studying and working in the medical field are stressful. Young people have to take various risks every day and care about someone else’s life. They do not have a right for mistakes, as people of other professions do. It means constant stress and anxiety because of patients and their health. As a result, medical workers have worse mental health and may start to suffer from different illnesses. In the worst cases, they need the specific professional help of a psychologist. It is an especially essential point for surgeons, military doctors and so on.

Stealing Your Time

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Everyone, who wants to connect his life with medicine, should know that it demands a lot of time and energy. It means you will rarely see your family members and have almost no private life. Sure, not all of the students are ready for such sacrifices. Keep it in mind or you will be very disappointed after working night shifts or having an enormous workday. You have to dedicate all your time and effort to the profession, if you want to work, for example, as a surgeon at the local hospital.

Study Hard

You have to remember that studying at a medical college is longer than at an average one. Moreover, you have to work several years at the hospital part time in order to get some professional experience before becoming a surgeon. In addition, your course will be full of new and specific subjects, which are not easy to learn. So, there will be not much time for partying and entertaining yourself. In case of having bad marks or missing lectures, you can easily drop out of college. Young people need to pass a lot of technical tests and encounter very high requirements. Most of the medical students have to pass the same exam again and again and study about 10 hours per day. Moreover, most of them have a part-time job in the local hospital to earn some money for living.

Expensiveness of Studying

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First of all, students have to study at medical college longer than it could be at any other type of educational institution. It means they have to pay more and buy a bigger amount of textbooks for all of their specific subjects. Moreover, some prestigious establishments set enormous prices for each year of studying. Most of the students have to earn money for it by themselves. However, it is not possible to work a full day for them and young people are urged to save money on everything from food to different studying supplies.

Disgusting Things

You should keep in mind that medical work may be unpleasant and sometimes even disgusting. You will not only put diagnosis and write recipes. Starting with college lectures, students learn about some terrible diseases, which sensitive people cannot cope with. If you are not mentally strong, it will be better to choose another profession. This is true that after the first class, where a human body is dissected, many teenagers decide to quit the medical college. However, they have already wasted several years of time on studying there.

To sum up, you have to think very well before entering such a college. Medical students have to work very hard and encounter a heavy workload from the first days of studying. Not everyone can deal with it, so, many teenagers drop out during the term. Some of them just cannot pass too complicated exams. Others understand that they made a wrong choice. Do not be one of these students: think over everything before making a decision to enter a medical college. It will save you from disappointment and failures. We hope that our tips and hints are helpful for you. In the next article, we will continue this topic and explain how not to drop out of college and present the main reasons why it happens.


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