The List of Common Students’ Illnesses

February 24, 2017 | Articles | By Edgar | 0 Comments

Student on Campus

From our previous article you know how to protect your health and avoid lots of illnesses. However, many teenagers still do not know which diseases they may get just while studying. As a result, these young people cannot prevent or cure them at home.

Some of these illnesses are very dangerous, and a young person has to head for the hospital immediately. Nevertheless, in case of minor diseases, it is often possible to cure them at home. So, it is essential to be aware of the most widespread health problems which students have.

Our team consulted some specialists and did a survey. You can find its results in this article. There is a list of the most common illnesses among college students and some effective ways to fight against them. Pay attention to the points below, and you will know what to do if you feel the first symptoms.

Athlete’s Foot

This disease is caused by a kind of infection which prefers wet and dark places. For example, it can hide on the shower floor in your dorm. Dozens of people may use it during one day, so it is necessary to protect yourself. How? Just get a pair of flip flops and use them in public showers and pools.

Keep in mind that this kind of illness is hard to detect right after getting an infection. Moreover, it demands long-lasting and quite expensive treatment. Your foot will look awful, and they may itch all the time in case you ignore the treatment.


Student Has Cold

When you feel bad, and your nose is running, you probably decide that you have a cold. Sure, this is the simplest diagnosis which you can find on the internet. However, you should be careful, especially when the weather is wet and cold. Often, students do not realize that they caught the flu at college and that it is not an average cold. Such a disease is not minor. If you have a fever, you must to visit a doctor as fast as it is possible.

Foodborne Viruses

Despite the fact that the canteen on campus is regularly checked by a team of specialists, there still may exist some kind of foodborne infections. In the other case, a chef who cooks meals for students may have a cold but come to work. The consequences of such a situation are infections that quickly spread on campus, carrying lots of unpleasant symptoms.

Besides some young people just ignore the rules of hygiene in a dorm. Dirty cups or plates are nice environments for many harmful things.


This mental illness is spread not only among first-year students. Their older mates sometimes have it as well. They see no reason to study, work or build relationships. The loss of interest in their life may cause serious consequences. College students have their hormones out of whack, and it may be the main reason for depression. In the worst cases, young people even commit suicide because their mental disease is not cured properly.


Student Sleeping

As we mentioned in one of our articles, students usually do not have enough sleep, as they must study a lot. It leads to tiredness and disability to concentrate. On the other hand, it happens that constant stress leads to insomnia among young people.

Sometimes, it is caused by drinking too much caffeine during the day and doing it regularly. These young people may have enough time to sleep, and they do want to. However, it is impossible for them unless they take some special medicine. In order to prevent this disease from becoming chronic, it is essential to ask specialists for help.


You have already read some information about bad eating habits among college students. The research conducted by one of respectable health organizations proves that almost a half of all young people complain that they do have some excess weight. Usually, teenagers ignore this issue and do not care about their normal body weight. However, it may be a sign of some serious metabolism problems and health in general.

To sum up, it is vital to be aware of the most common diseases among college students and be able to prevent or treat them. You must care about your health from very young age. Otherwise, it may be too late, after you reach your thirties for example. Young people who ignore the demands of their body usually get serious diseases several years later.

Do not disregard any symptoms and be careful on campus. In the next article, we will explain the reasons why mental health is as important as physical. Many students never visit psychologists even if they have some problems. Our team will try to explain to you why it is essential to stay healthy and live a fulfilling life.



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